Trail Crew – No Excuse to Play in the River (June 2018)

Someone has made our Trail Captain angry.  We quote:


To the clowns that were playing in the Beaver River off Graham’s Hill, you have just given another black eye to atving.

1. You were in the river.
2. You were destroying a spawning area of the river. You where close to the source of the Beaver River and a sensitive ecological area.
3. You were trespassing.
4. You left the Club to deal with an angry and upset Landowner.
5. We have only been allowed to use that road for a couple of years and you have put continued use of this road and others at risk. You have made it more difficult for the Club to keep the trails we have and obtain permission to use other areas.

Man or woman-up and next time you are that way apologize to the Landowners. Everyone please use your brains when you get on your atv.


DGATV can’t stress enough how riders need to be on their best behaviour to establish an ATV trail system in this area and across the province. Recreational ATVing is a new sport. The trails we have are no more than 10 years old. Every season — every day — is a trial period for us. All it takes is one rider to close down a property, and close down a trail.

Word gets out. If the Landowners start to hear about problems, disrespect or “simply more trouble than its worth” they will shut us out.

The only incentive a Landowner has to let the trail cross their property is courtesy and kindness to others. Please show our Landowners the courtesy and kindness they deserve.

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OFATV Trail Permit (2018)


To buy an Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs (OFATV) permit you need proof of a plated and insured ATV or side-by-side. To ride on the roads, a minimum G2/M2 licence is required.  To ride on public trails such as the rail trail or private property such as the Walters Falls tract, a driver’s licence is not required, however, a training certificate is recommended.

OFATV Permit

When you buy an Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs (OFATV) permit you receive three (3) papers. The first is your OFATV sticker, punched with the expiration month and year, that you put on the front left of your machine. Second is the wallet card that has to be carried by the rider of the machine, which can be used by multiple people. Thus the sticker goes on the machine and the card goes with the rider. The third paper is the pink print, which is the buyer’s receipt.

Your OFATV permit is valid on all OFATV trails in Ontario.  Note some clubs have restrictions for side-by-sides. Your permit is also valid in Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

Replacement Card

Should you need a replacement card, take as much information as you can (sticker, wallet card, receipt where possible) to your permit seller.  The cost of a replacement permit is $12. The replacement pass only replaces the old pass so it’s the same time frame.

Provincial Permit

While every Ontario rider would love to have a provincial permit — one permit for all ATV trails — unfortunately it is not yet available.  Many issues need to be resolved before one permit can be enacted including but not limited to club structure (whether paid or volunteer staffing for instance), permit fee, landowner agreements, government relationships, etc.)  DGATV’s neighbouring clubs to the west have an Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance (EOTA) association.  Park to Park is also associated with EOTA.

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The Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs (OFATV) is a not for profit organization that strives to establish and organize safe recreational ATVing in Ontario.  The goal of the OFATV is a province-wide ATV trail system similiar to the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC).

The OFATV consists of a group of ATV clubs in Ontario and is managed by volunteers with the goal of providing safe, legal and sustainable trails across the province. OFATV staff and volunteers are constantly working with the provincial government and municipalities to champion the rights of ATV riders. The organization endeavours to help the general public understand that riding members are environmentally conscious outdoor enthusiasts who respect other outdoor sports.

Dufferin Grey ATV Club is a member of the OFATV along with these neighbouring clubs:

fb-002-teeny Central Ontario ATV Club /

fb-002-teeny West Grey ATV Club /

See for a complete list of OFATV clubs.

To ride the below-noted neighbouring clubs’ trails requires a separate purchase of another organization’s permit:

Huron Shores ATV Club / (need an EOTA pass)

fb-002-teeny South Bruce Peninsula ATV Club / (need an EOTA pass)

ATV trails in Ontario consist of private and public properties and roads.  Most of the routes have special agreements with the landowner/custodian(s).  You must be an OFATV club member to ride OFATV trails, otherwise you are trespassing.  Please click here to learn more about becoming an OFATV/DGATV member rider.  Joining an OFATV club gives you the opportunity to shape the future of ATVing in Ontario.

Join a club, get involved & go riding!

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Trail Crew – Cleaning up the Mess (2017)

It is one thing for our volunteer Trail Crew to be out keeping the trail clear of fallen trees, filling ruts, and picking up rail spikes.

It is another thing to be picking up someone else’s dumped garbage.

This photos show the before and after shot of the Markdale parking lot.

Thanks to our Trail Captain who personally cleaned up the mess.

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