Here is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and links to topics of interest:

Q: How long is ATV Season?  A: Answer

Q: What are the road speed limits?  A: Answer

Q: Can I ride at night?   A:  Depends on the local by-laws.  Please be considerate of local residents.

Q: Do you have an events calendar or google calendar?  A: Answer

Q: What Events have you planned?  A: Answer

Q: Should I worry about Invasive Species?  A: Answer

Q: What about Side-by-sides?  A:  Answer

Q: Who are DGATV’s Sponsors?

Land Owners

Q: What is the benefit of being allowing ATVs to cross my land?  A: [work in progress]


Q: Where can I get trail maps?  A: Answer


Q: What is the Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs (OFATV)?  A: Answer

Q: What is the difference between a “membership”, “permit” and “pass”?  A: The terms “membership”, “permit” and “pass” are often used interchangeably.  “Membership” typically refers to annual permission to ride on the trails, which also gives you membership in a club of your choice.

Q: What documentation do I need to get an OFATV permit?  A: Answer

Q: Where do I place my OFATV permit sticker?  A:  Answer

Q: How is my Membership Fee used?  A:  Answer

Q: When does my Membership expire?  A: Your Membership expires one year (365 days) after the day you purchased it.

Q: Is there an early bird discount for renewal?  A:  Answer

Q: Where can I buy a trail pass?  A day pass?  A:  Answer

Q: Where should my trail pass sticker be placed on my ATV or side-by-side?  A:  Answer

Q: What are the Benefits of Becoming a Club Member?  A:  Answer

Q: What is a Family Pass (links to page)?  A: Answer

Q: Can I ride in other provinces with an OFATV annual membership?  A: Answer

Q: What should I do with my pass?  A: Carry your wallet card and pink sheet with you and place your permit sticker on your ATV in a visible manner on the left/front side of your machine so when wardens approach they can see it clearly. This makes for a lot smoother verification process when you are stopped.  Otherwise, carry your day passes ready to present to a Warden when requested.

Trail Permits – New Bike / Replacement Sticker

Q: I’m getting a new atv. How do I go about replacing the sticker on my new machine?  A: Get a replacement card.

Q: Does the trail permit go with the bike or the rider?  A: The trail permit goes with the bike.  If you have 3 bikes, then you need 3 trail permits.  Carrying the permit in your pocket or wearing a laminate around your neck does not constitute permission for the bike to be on the trail.

Q: Can we ride at night?  A: The rule of thumb is sunrise to sunset. However, each municipality can have different rules. Occasionally, DGATV sets up a night ride but that requires special permission and insurance.

Q: Are motorcycles or dirt bikes allowed on the trail?  A: Answer


Q: Are passengers on second seats added to regular ATVs permitted?  A: Factory built two-up (2-up) riding is legal. Single-rider bikes with added-on seats are not legal to carry a passenger.

Q: What Ontario regulations are applicable to ATVing? A: See the following:

Q: What other rules and regulations apply to the trails? A: Here are some examples but the list is not comprehensive so check the local ATV by-laws before you ride.  For DGATV trails see Other Links for local counties and municipalities.  Know before you go!

Q: Where can find local by-laws? A: Here is a link to OFATV’s by-laws library available on GitHub.  However, you should always take the township or county versions available on their respective websites as most up-to-date.  See Other Links.


Q: Where are local Accommodations?  A: Answer

Q: What are the local Restaurants?  A: Answer

Q: Where is the Parking?  A:  Answer

Q: Tell me about Grey County’s Harkaway Forest?  A: Answer

Q: Tell me about Grey County’s Kimberley Forest?  A: Answer

Q: Can I start in Orangeville?  A: Answer

Q: Can I visit Owen Sound?  A: Answer

New / Young Riders

Q: What advice do you have for a New Rider?  A: Answer

Q: What about Young Riders?  A: Answer

Q: What do I wear? (New Riders)  A: Answer

Q: Any ATV Safety advice?  A: Answer


Q: How do I Volunteer?  A:  Answer

Q: What does a Warden do?  A: Answer

Q: Tell me more About DGATV.  A: Answer