DGATV Autumn Ride (2022) Donation

It was cold and wet, but those who dressed for it had fun!

Thank you to all who came out and supported the Chatsworth Outreach Program. We presented a cheque for $950.00 and a trunk load of food.

Thanks to all our Volunteers, Directors, Wardens, Landowners, Sponsors and Riders … we couldn’t do it without You!

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Ontario Trumpeter Swans (2022)

Photo courtesy of SouthGreyNews.ca

In 2020 DGATV’s Board of Directors pledged to support and protect the trumpeter swans that live by the trail during the summer.
To that end, Dave E. built a floating platform for Chatsworth Marsh, which he and volunteers installed on July 29th.
Hopefully the swans will take to preening themselves in the sun on the platform and not on the trail.
For more photos see this link to SouthGreyNews.ca article:
“Volunteers further the protection of the Trumpeter Swans at the Chatsworth Marsh (August 2, 2022)”


DGATV Breakfast Club Ride (2022) Donation

On Sunday, June 5, 2022 DGATV hosted a charity ride with proceeds raised directed to Osprey Central School in Maxwell for the school’s breakfast club.

Organizers were happy to see 33 ATVs and side-by-sides raise $1,290.  Thanks to all who attended the event.

Thanks to all our Volunteers, Directors, Wardens, Landowners, Sponsors and Riders … we couldn’t do it without You!

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DGATV’s 15th Anniversary! (Dec. 6, 2021)

We’ve come a long way since that first meeting in the Shelburne legion in early 2006 when local riders got together to explore the possibility of launching a local family friendly ATV riding club.

The initial days as an informal Headwaters ATV Club under President Bill Hill brought us together with Centre Grey ATV Club under President Vera Lloyd to form a combined and newly minted Dufferin Grey ATV Club formally incorporated on December 6, 2006 and registered as a club in good standing with the Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs (OFATV).

With a lot of enthusiasm and much going on, we have barely looked back.

So we take this time to give thanks.

We thank our Volunteers.

DGATV’s Executive Board has generally consisted of seven (7) Directors with two-year terms, half standing for election in alternate years. Most of our keenest riders have volunteered as Directors at some time or another,  and under their guidance the club has grown from a mere 50 members to around 630 today.

Volunteers maintain, monitor and Warden around 500 kms of trail extending and looping from north of Orangeville almost to Owen Sound along the former rail line backbone through two counties and multiple municipalities.  Volunteers also administer the club, liaise with local municipalities and law enforcement, and provide representation at trade shows and at the OFATV regional level.

We also thank our Sponsors.  Our Sponsors have been there providing help, funds, prizes, entertainment and advice kindly and consistently upon request and often electively.

We thank our Land Owners & Stewards for the use of their land ensuring our rides are scenic, interesting and enjoyable.

We thank our Members.  By choosing DGATV you provide us with funds to develop the trails, and incentive to keep going.

This club would not exist without all of you.

Today, going into our 16th season, we hold true to our mission statement with as much verve and commitment as ever:

Our club’s mission is to provide a safe, responsible, environmentally sound and enjoyable outdoor experience for our riders. In doing so, we will benefit both our riders and our local communities. We will promote the safe and responsible operation of All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs, side-by-sides) protecting riders and non-riders alike. We will promote environmental awareness, protecting the natural resources we all want to enjoy. We will promote tourism, providing our riders with places of interest to visit and our communities with the economic benefits that result.

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DGATV’s Clean Trails Contest Winners (2021)

Dufferin Grey ATV Club and local businesses were happy to sponsor a Clean Trails Contest during the 2021 riding season.

The contest required members to take a picture of themselves picking up garbage on the trail and post it on DGATV’s facebook group or submit it to Volunteer@dgatv.ca.

Submitted names were then entered into a monthly draw.

Winners were:

August – Sharon Cherrey with thanks to The Market Shoppe … website /  fb-002-teeny

September – Joanne Sheppard with thanks to Markdale Flowers … website / fb-002-teeny

October – Beetle Bailey with thanks to Susan’s Delicatessen … website

Don’t forget to show your appreciation by supporting local businesses!

Let’s continue to keep our trails nice and clean!

Thanks to all our Volunteers, Directors, Wardens, Landowners, Sponsors and Riders … we couldn’t do it without You!

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DGATV Autumn Ride (2021) Donation

Special thanks to all that participated in the Dundalk food bank ride!

We appreciated donations from our 43 riders as well as sponsors Larry’s Small Engines and M.a.N. Services.

Final tally: $3,746 to the Dundalk food bank and 70lbs of food donations.

The weather held, the trails were just right and everyone had a fun day. We couldn’t ask for more in a charity ride.

Thank you for your support to this great cause!

Thanks to all our Volunteers, Directors, Wardens, Landowners, Sponsors and Riders … we couldn’t do it without You!

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