DGATV’s Trails Remain Closed (2021)

Dufferin Grey ATV Club’s (DGATV) typical season extends from May 1st to November 30th (or first snowfall).

On March 1, 2021, the Government of Ontario returned to the COVID-19 Response Framework prompting the Grey Bruce Health Unit to move to the Green Prevent Level of the framework.

Due to the Government of Ontario’s stay-at-home order and enhanced public health shutdown measures the Grey Bruce Health Unit has recommended to Grey County that the trails be closed to recreational ATVing.

Grey County is a prominent landowner providing riders with access to the rail trail and Harkaway Forest.  Please stay off DGATV’s trails in accord with landowner wishes to preserve a positive relationship with the landowner for future use.

The Government of Ontario’s declaration of emergency and province-wide Stay-at-Home order have been extended until June 2, 2021.

Keep an eye on our social media for update.



Season 2021 Will Trails Open on May 1st?

DGATV’s trail system is scheduled to open on May 1st, however, with the governments’ heightened pandemic response regarding gathering limits and social distancing, we are not sure that the landowners will allow access.

DGATV’s President, Tim Allen, is meeting with some of the landowners to discuss the situation.

Please stay off the trails so DGATV’s relationships with the landowners are not jeopardized.

Keep in mind that should the trails be open as planned, Harkaway Forest trail remains closed until the Tuesday following Victoria Day long weekend.

Tim has promised to provide an update after his Grey County meeting on Thursday so stay tuned to our website for further information.

UPDATE:  Apr 30 21:  DGATV trails to remain Closed:

DGATV trails will not open May 1.

Grey County and the Grey County Health Unit have declared under the current lockdown.  “ATV Trails to remain closed”.  We will keep you posted as to any changes.




Side-by-Sides Welcome on Rail Trail (2021)


Dufferin Grey ATV Club, the County of Dufferin and the County of Grey are pleased to announce that side-by-sides (maximum width 54″) are welcome on the rail trail and in Harkaway Forest when this riding season begins.

After several years of negotiations with impressive perseverance, DGATV’s Board of Directors are happy to make this announcement — a crowning achievement to celebrate DGATV’s 15th Anniversary!

Side-by-side owners have shown a lot of interest in making full use of DGATV’s trails and we expect that the club will garner new members as a result of this terrific news.

Adjustments will be made to the trails to accommodate the width limit (i.e. gate tweaks) over the summer season.  If you see an area that needs attention please contact info@dgatv.ca with location and specifics.

Larger side-by-sides (maximum width 65″) are still welcome to use the blue-markered rail trail by-pass.

While side-by-sides are generally welcome on Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs (OFATV) trails, remember to check with the local club before you ride to ensure that side-by-sides are accepted on their trails.

Looking forward to a great season ATV & Side-by-side Riders!



Hastings County Welcomes OFATV Riders (2021)

Hastings County Council welcomes ATV riders by advancing an agreement between Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance (EOTA) and the Ontario Federation of All-Terrain Vehicles (OFATV).  The Memorandum of Understanding regarding the use of Hastings County Trails allows OFATV riders to use Hastings County trails as part of an OFATV membership.

More specifically these trails are the Hastings County Heritage Trail from Lake St. Peter in the north to the Trent River to the south in Hastings County and the Trans Canada Rail trail from Hastings counties Western to the Eastern border.

The trails connect multiple clubs and trail systems making our vision of a provincial connected trail system one step closer. Our hope is that this will benefit riders both local and visiting while providing a significant economic boost to the tourism industry in Hastings County and beyond.

The trails will be added to OFATV’s provincial QuadON mapping system that can be found at http://QuadON.ca or by downloading the QuadON App on your Android or Apple device.

OFATV thanks Eastern Ontario Trail Alliance and Hastings County for their collaboration on this agreement. The two organizations look forward to working together on a more connected Ontario.

Article in The Intelligencer

Article in the Quinte News



Ontario Trumpeter Swans (2021)

Seeing trumpeter swans near the trail is always a highlight of a ride.  These beautiful birds are picturesque and evidence of a healthy ecosystem.  If we’re lucky the swans come back each summer to raise their families, and we get to know these lovely neighbours as the cygnets flourish under the watchful eye of their parents.

Last year DGATV members were upset to hear that irresponsible rail trail use resulted in harm to a family of swans.  The injuries to the mother swan resulted in her death so we’re not sure if the swans will return this season.  We know the father swan was last seen in Toronto on his southward migration so we are hopeful that we’ll see him again.  As a result of this incident, DGATV’s Board of Directors pledged support for the swans and made a donation to the Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration program (facebook group).

We ask ATVers to ride safely and carefully, and to be respectful when driving by people, pets and wildlife alike.

Riding the trails are a privilege and not a right.  Abuse it and lose it.

*** UPDATE:  We are happy to announce that the male swan has returned to the area with another female.  We consider ourselves lucky!  Please ride carefully around the swans.


DGATV’s Annual General Meeting (March 21, 2021)

Are you looking forward to summer?

While the Government of Ontario’s haphazard pandemic response still has us questioning our ability to setup club rides, we are hoping for the best and looking forward to a terrific season.

Last year was not a normal summer.  Our membership increased but our ability to provide social events was hampered.  Despite group gathering limits and other obstacles we managed to keep the bulk of our trails maintained and open to our riders.  We deferred our spring annual general meeting (AGM) to the autumn (Nov. 15, 2021) and held it by online conference.

Time to do it again.

Join us online for this year’s annual general meeting.  Connect with Executive members and other ATV and side-by-side enthusiasts.  Learn about our club and what we do for you.  Get your questions answered.  Vote for the upcoming season’s Directors and/or volunteer to join the Executive!

DGATV’s Board of Directors consists of seven (7) Directors with two (2) year terms.  Theoretically, no more than 50% of the Board should come up for election each year so ideally DGATV never has an entirely new Board of Directors.

Candidates must be on record as a DGATV member for at least three (3) months.

NOTICE is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Dufferin Grey ATV Club Inc. is scheduled for Sunday, March 21, 2021 at 1:00pm.

All Members of the Dufferin Grey ATV Club Inc. are welcome and permit number will be requested for verification.

Time:  Registration opens at 12:30pm.

Location:  Online using telephone or internet access:

By computer with mic & speaker:  Click here to join the meeting

By telephone*:  **** UPDATE:  By telephone*:  1.833.569.0242,,854057724# (permit number required) or Toronto 1.437.703.4623,,854057724#

Phone Conference ID:  854 057 724#


  • To receive the Report of the Executive.
  • To hear the Treasurer’s Report.
  • To elect (3) Directors positions for two (2) year terms.
  • To address New Business.

Note that due to the online forum, votes will be recorded.

* Please check back closer to the date to ensure the login instructions have not changed.

Would you like to see ATVing promoted in Ontario? Do you have ideas? Join us as a Member, a Volunteer or a Director to advance the sport of ATVing. The ultimate goal is a web of community and family friendly trails spanning the province but we need people like YOU to make that dream come true.

More information can be found at www.dgatv.ca or call 519.266.3559.

DGATV’s Executive