Trail Patrol 001

Volunteers Required

DGATV is a non-profit volunteer-run organization and requires many Volunteers:

Executive/Board of Directors – responsible for directing DGATV’s operations.  We have 7 Directors* with two year terms, split 4-3 in alternate years.  If you are interested in becoming a Director you must be a member on record with DGATV for at least 3 months and stand at our annual general meeting (typically held in March).  The Directors vote for the President and Vice-President on an annual basis.

Trail Maintenance – always an excellent reason to get out on the trails!  Responsible for mowing, grading, clearing, trimming and marking, our trail patrol starts in April with the public trails opening on May 1st, weather permitting.  Trail maintenance continues until after the end of season on November 30th.  DGATV maintains around 500kms of trail (300kms off road).  In an ideal world we would have trail patrol crews assigned to convenient areas near their homes (i.e. a south and north trail crews) working autonomously with the full resources of the club called upon when required.  That is a goal we are working towards!

Administration – positions include Treasurer, Secretary, Web Master, Communications, Membership and Event Coordinators.  As is often the case, one Volunteer can wear many hats so the more people to share the workload, the better.  If you have time for paperwork and enjoy organizing then make yourself known.  Just be an enthusiast — you don’t need to own a quad!

Wardens – if you are a frequent rider then consider becoming a Warden.  We need riders on the trail who are familiar with the area and who can represent DGATV.  You would be responsible for answering questions from other riders, carrying and selling permits, reporting problems with the trail, and filing a trip report to assure our land-owners that their interests are being addressed.  A half-day training session is all you need to be a Warden.

Township/County Liaisons – if you enjoy attending local municipal council meetings and are an advocate for ATVing in Ontario, then consider representing DGATV to your local council.  DGATV is responsible for promoting the sport of ATVing by working with and maintaining good relations with local government.  Our current project is to advance the use of side-by-sides on our trails.

Sponsor Relations – always appreciated, our Sponsors defray our costs and bring interest and enthusiasm to our events.  DGATV needs representatives to interact with our Sponsors, ensure that our appreciation is shown and to make our Sponsors aware of all opportunities.  Another project on the To-Do List is to create a consistent Sponsorship Recognition Program.

Event Coordination – let’s face it, we are Members because we like to ride — so a good reason to ride never hurts!  Currently, DGATV likes to offer at least one event per month during the riding season and each event needs a theme, a route, registration and support for new riders.  You can do your bit by coordinating one ride every once in a while.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy but if you want such then go for it!  Your ride will bring some fun to us all …

OFATV Representation – DGATV operates under the umbrella of the Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs (OFATV) and so needs representatives at that organization.  We appoint two voting representatives at the OFATV’s annual general meeting in early summer (typically June).  Additionally, our District 9 region offers a Director and Alternate Director to attend the OFATV’s monthly meetings in Barrie as club liaisons.

If any of the above opportunities appeal to you, do not hesitate to contact us.  By becoming a Volunteer you help create ATVing as a viable recreational sport within Dufferin and Grey counties, and in Ontario as a whole.  Also don’t forget that volunteering makes a great excuse to ride!

* Number of Directors reduced from 9 to 7 at DGATV’s annual general meeting on November 15, 2020 reverting to DGATV’s Board of Directors structure prior to 2017.

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