Someone took down the “Trail Closed” sign at the west end of Harkaway Forest and threw it into the bush.

The blatant disrespect of this person for DGATV, OFATV and a valued property owner has jeopardized use of the forest for everyone.

Grey County owns the forest and they have specified that the tract remain closed until June 22nd.  Obviously, riders must accommodate the land-owner if we wish to use the land.  DGATV & OFATV are legally bound to do so.

DGATV Volunteers installed the “Trail Closed” sign in the spring — on their own time on riders’ behalf. Why should Volunteers labour only to have their trail maintenance work destroyed?

Why should DGATV’s Executive Volunteers spend their time advocating for more trails when riders cannot follow the agreements?

If you disagree with this particular closure then we suggest you contact Grey County directly — making your comments politely to Grey County Warden Stewart Halliday or a local councillor or the tourism department.  Please be nice because your efforts will be perceived as being indicative of all ATV riders.

It is a fact that this trail system — that has taken years to establish — can be destroyed with one thoughtless rider.  It means we all need to be vigilant when riding the trails.  If you see a sign down or an area that needs maintenance, please fix the problem or let us know at

If you ride regularly and want to help support the club (or need a great excuse to get out on the trails), become a Warden.

If you are the handyman-type, wanting to ride and preferring to work here and there, talk to our Trail Captain (519.266.3559 ext. 3).

Your work, for the most part, is appreciated.

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