Do you like to ride?  Need an excuse to get out on the trails?  Becoming a Warden may fit the bill …

First, in mid-April, help us prepare DGATV’s trails for the season.  Get together with other Wardens and Trail Committee members to ride the trail and report/fix any problem areas.  Help clear brush, fix holes, post signage, create maps, ensure the safety of all riders.

Second, your duty would be to ride!  Represent DGATV and the Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs (OFATV) by being an obvious source of help, as well as a deterrent against breaking the rules.

Third, DGATV needs riders on the trail who are familiar with the area and who can be an effective agent for our club.  As a Warden you would be responsible for seeking out other riders to answer any questions, educate riders on the benefits of being a club member, carry and sell permits, report any problems with the trail, and file a report after each trip to assure our land-owners that their interests are our priority.

Fourth, we ask that you participate in our social events — mark a trail, lead a group, see to it that all riders have a safe and happy riding experience.

Finally, in November, help us close the trail in preparation for winter shutdown and the start of snowmobile season.

By becoming a Warden Volunteer you help make ATVing a viable recreational sport within Dufferin and Grey counties, and in Ontario as a whole.  We can’t do it without you!

Contact if you are interested in the half-day training session required to become a Warden.

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