Did you have a good summer?

It definitely was not a normal summer for us.  The good news is that while our club’s Volunteers were hampered from getting out on the trails by our government’s pandemic response, we managed to keep the bulk of our trails maintained and open to our riders.  We also deferred our spring annual general meeting (AGM) to the autumn.  Since the Government of Ontario still recommends staying at home and not gathering in large groups, we will be holding this year’s AGM using online conferencing.

Join us online for DGATV’s annual general meeting.  Connect with Executive members and other ATV and side-by-side enthusiasts.  Learn about our club and what we do for you.  Get your questions answered.  Vote for next season’s Directors and/or volunteer to join the Executive!

DGATV’s Board of Directors consists of nine (9) Directors with two (2) year terms.  Theoretically, no more than 50% of the Board should come up for election each year so ideally DGATV never has an entirely new Board of Directors.

However, this year seven (7) Directors positions are up for election with a mix of one (1) and two (2) year terms.

Candidates must be a DGATV member on record for at least three (3) months.

Under the current by-law the Board needs at least four (4) new candidates.  Three (3) of the current Directors have agreed to stand again.

If four (4) new candidates do not step forward, the Board will officially recognize that keeping nine (9) Directors positions filled is a difficult task and will put forward a resolution to reduce the number of Directors positions from nine (9) to seven (7), reverting to DGATV’s Board of Directors structure prior to 2017.  With acceptance of the resolution, two (2) new candidates will be sought accordingly.

NOTICE is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Dufferin Grey ATV Club Inc. is scheduled for Sunday, November 15, 2020 at 1:00pm.

Location:  Online using telephone or internet access:

By telephone:  call 1.833.569.0242 conf. 2699372 # (permit number required)

By computer with mic & speaker:  DGATV AGM 2020


  • To receive the Report of the Executive for 2019 and the summer season of 2020.
  • To hear the Treasurer’s Report.
  • To elect (7) Directors positions for one (1) or two (2) year terms to be determined with the goal of a 50% split.
  • If all Directors positions cannot be filled, then a Resolution to decrease the number of Directors from nine (9) to seven (7) of whom four (4) shall constitute a quorum and ensuring a 50% split over two (2) year terms.  To elect five (5) Directors positions accordingly.
  • Due to the online forum, votes will be recorded.
  • New business.

Requirement:  All Members of the Dufferin Grey ATV Club Inc. are welcome and permit number will be requested for verification.

Would you like to see ATVing promoted in Ontario? Do you have ideas? Join us as a Member, a Volunteer or a Director to advance the sport of ATVing. The ultimate goal is a web of community and family friendly trails spanning the province but we need people like YOU to make that dream come true.

More information can be found at www.dgatv.ca or call 519.266.3559.