Once you have taken your Warden training, you will be given a handbook, vest, and identity card.

You will also be expected to join our private closed facebook group “DGATV Wardens”.  This is one of the ways you can contact the Executive, ask and answer questions, and make your reports.

You can also send your information by e-mail to Warden@dgatv.ca

Be sure you include this information:

  • Date and time
  • Location (specifically County)
  • Incident details and/or trail status — note the weather, how many riders you have seen, whether they had passes, the condition of the trail, any other vehicles, etc.
  • Your Name (if not obvious)

Get into the habit of making a report every time you ride.  We need to know problems, but we also want to know that everything is OK. In fact, if we are all doing our jobs, then everything should be OK.

It is important that our landowners know we are riding regularly and looking out for their best interests.

So please file a report.  Our Chief Warden will monitor the e-mail address and scan the facebook group to copy and paste your pertinent information into a monthly Executive report.

If you have any questions, contact Warden@dgatv.ca or info@dgatv.ca


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