Please note that the opening date for DGATV’s trail system was scheduled for May 1st but is now delayed due to the wet, soft, snow covered conditions.  Riding the trail under such conditions results in expensive damage, which DGATV is expected to correct.  Additionally, landowners do not like to see damage and may withdraw permission if provoked.

All DGATV off-road trails are closed.

County and municipal roads are open.

Harkaway Forest is closed and scheduled to open on June 22, 2018.

Please stay off the trails during this critical time.

UPDATE (4-May-2018):  DGATV’s trails will stay closed for another week due to extremely wet conditions. Snow melt and heavy rain combined with tree damage from today’s wind storm keep the trails off-limits.  DGATV’s Executive are expecting considerable clean-up to be required for the whole system.  Stay tuned for work day Volunteer opportunities to help get the trails opened …

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