Road Speed Limits

Dufferin Grey ATV Club (DGATV) and the Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs (OFATV) rely on the largesse of land-owners and land-stewards for trail access.  To that end, DGATV has made agreements on members’ behalf:

  • DGATV members agree to adhere to local by-laws (see Other Links).
  • Stay off the trail after November 30th until May 1st (weather and area dependent).
  • DGATV members agree to treat the trail and other trail users with respect (please don’t litter)
  • DGATV members agree to speed limits:

     Road Speed Limits

  Car                          ATV

80 km/hr                 50 km/hr

60 km/hr                 30 km/hr

50 km/hr                 20 km/hr

In town                  20 kms/hr

For other info:



One Permit – Take Action!

Take Action: Contact Your Local MPP for a One Permit Model for ATVs in Ontario!

Visit to use the OFATV’s template form.

Join the movement and stand up for a proposed One Trail, One Permit model for ATV riders in Ontario. It’s time to rally together and urge our local Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) to support this important initiative.

With over 600,000 insured ATV and Quad riders in Ontario, it’s crucial to enhance safety, improve trail accessibility, boost tourism, and align the ATV community with the Ontario Snowmobile Club permitting system. We need your voice to make it happen!

By reaching out to your local MPP and expressing your support for the One Trail, One Permit model, you can make a significant impact. This legislative fix falls under the Ministry of Transportation and Minister Mulroney, presenting a clear opportunity for positive change.

Ontario’s ATV industry is thriving, but outdated and inconsistent permitting systems hinder riders from fully enjoying the vast trail network our province has to offer. Let’s advocate for a streamlined and cohesive ATV permitting system that ensures rider safety and provides reliable trails for all enthusiasts.

Together, we can make a difference. Contact your local MPP today and let them know that you support the One Trail, One Permit model for ATV riders in Ontario. Join us in creating a safer and more enjoyable ATV experience for everyone!

Don’t forget to use the following hashtags on social media:

#OFATV #QuadON #OnePermitATVs #OntarioATVPermit


Trail Closure (2023) – ATV Season

Time to wind down after a terrific riding season.

It was a good summer and we had some great events raising funds for local charities.

Looking ahead to 2024 season, ATVing on DGATV’s trails generally starts May 1st (weather-permitting) and stays open to November 30th or until snow cover.  Once the snow plows are out, ATV rider safety becomes an issue.

Exceptions are:

  • Harkaway Forest opens to riding Tuesday-after-Victoria Day-weekend and closes on October 15th.
  • Grey County roads opens to riding on April 15th and closes on November 15th.
  • Owen Sound and Shelburne open to riding on April 15th.
Note:  All dates are tentative based on the landowner authorization.

While Walters Falls tract remains closed under new ownership, we are thankful that we had the opportunity to ride there.  Hopefully our club and organization have good reputations so similar opportunities might arrive to ride such great properties in the future.

Remember to stay tuned to our social media at the start of season.

Enjoy your winter and holiday season!