Trail Opening (2020) – Harkaway Forest Tract

DGATV is pleased to announce that the Harkaway Forest Tract is open to straddled bikes effective June 27, 2020.

Harkaway Forest is east of the Robson Road trail and is owned by Grey County. Parking is located off the Townline just north of Markdale.

Side-by-sides are not permitted on Grey County owned properties so please continue to use the marked bypass trails (hang tight SxS owners … we present your case to Council in a few weeks!)

A nature trail through hardwoods and evergreens, this 2-km multi-use trail is used by hikers, horseback riders; ATVs in the summer, and snowmobiles in the winter.

Harkaway Forest is open to hunters at certain times of the year.

For ATVs, Harkaway Forest trail opens mid-June (after accommodating the wild turkey hunt) to October 15th (or snow, whatever comes first).

Riders, please respect our landowner agreement in the use of this forest. Your participation is crucial in keeping this tract available to us.

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Limited Trails Open (May 17, 2020)

Dufferin Grey ATV Club (DGATV) is pleased to announce the limited opening of our trails effective Sunday, May 17, 2020.

****  UPDATE:  May 21st — Thanks to the great work of our Trail Wardens Dufferin C.P. Rail Trail (Dundalk to Orangeville) is open under a caution. There are trail repairs taking place behind the Shelburne school north of Hwy 89, also construction just below Victoria St. at Dundalk. Please obey cautions in these two areas. Be prepared to stop. Follow instruction from workers to get by.  Shelburne parking lot is now open!

Our Wardens and trail maintenance crews have worked with limited time to inspect the trails, clearing winter debris and changing over from OFSC snowmobile signage. Wardens will continue to be present on the trails to ensure any maintenance and safety issues are addressed.

DGATV hereby announces that limited trails are open.

Exceptions – remaining closed are:
Grey Highlands Sideroad 10B (use bypass route)
Harkaway Forest – opens mid-June (use bypass route)
Walter’s Falls Tract

All scenic areas (waterfalls and rest stops) controlled under Parks and Conservation Authorities remain closed.  Please adhere to the notices as posted.

Side-by-sides are welcome on DGATV’s trails except for County owned properties of C.P. Rail Trail and Harkaway Forest. Side-by-sides are NOT permitted on those two trails.

Limited parking is available at Dundalk and Markdale parking lots only.  Shelburne parking remains closed.

Use side by side by-pass routes (blue signs) to avoid the C.P Trail from both open parking areas. Please follow the by-route to access and return to/from the main trails.

Note that the Province of Ontario has not lifted the state of emergency although restrictions are being eased. We therefore ask that you limit your group to 5 participants and continue to adhere to social distancing measures (stay 2 metres away from others in public).

Understand that due to the pandemic response normal services from permit sellers, restaurants, gas stations, mechanics, accommodations, etc. may be curbside only or may not be available so research before you ride.

DGATV recommends that you ride with a friend and ensure that someone else knows where you are going and when you are expected to return.

Riding hours are sunrise to sunset.

An OFATV/DGATV trail pass is required.  You must be a member in good standing to ride our trails. Passes and 3-day passes are available online or at open vendors.

See our website for membership and permit information.

Come Ride With Us!

Tim Allen
Dufferin Grey ATV Club


DGATV Trails Remain Closed (May 1, 2020)

*** UPDATE:  As at May 15th word has been given to the Wardens to get out and check the trails post-winter for rider safety.  When DGATV will open the trails depends on the state of the trails and landowners.  For now the trails are still closed.  Stay tuned …

An unprecedented time…

As much as we all want to be on the trails, DGATV trails will not be opened at this time.

We must maintain compliance with restrictions as outlined with the provincial COVID-19 pandemic response. This closure supports our local communities by minimizing possible transmission to those communities, our members, trail neighbors, vendors etc.  as well as reducing unnecessary distraction to valuable emergency services.

All Dufferin Grey ATV trails remain closed. We will review our decision in two week intervals. Please respect the trail closure for the sake of our landowners, communities, DGATV club and yourself.
Stay home, stay safe!
DGATV Board of Directors

April 30, 2020


DGATV’s Annual General Meeting (March 15, 2020)


Ready to start riding?  Spring is almost here!  We start our season with a review of last year and to make plans for the upcoming summer.

Join us for DGATV’s annual general meeting (AGM).  Meet last year’s Executive members and other ATVing enthusiasts. Learn about our club and what we do for you. Vote for this year’s Directors or step up and join the Executive.

DGATV’s Board of Directors consists of nine (9) Directors with two (2) year terms.  Theoretically, no more than 50% of the Board comes up for election each year so ideally DGATV never has an entirely new Board of Directors.

However, this year six (6) Directors positions are up for election.  Three (3) Directors remain with one (1) year terms.

Three (3) Directors have given notice that they will not be standing again so the Board will need at least three (3) new candidates.  Candidates must be a DGATV member on record for at least three (3) months.

Would you like to see ATVing promoted in Ontario? Do you have ideas? Join us as a Member, a Volunteer or a Director to advance the sport of ATVing. The ultimate goal is a web of trails spanning the province but we need people like YOU to make that dream come true.

More information can be found at or call 519.266.3559.

NOTICE is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Dufferin Grey ATV Club Inc. is scheduled for Sunday, March 15, 2020 at 1:00pm.

Location:  Dundalk Legion, 109 Proton St. N., Dundalk, ON

  • To receive the Report of the Executive for 2019.
  • To hear the Treasurer’s Report.
  • To elect one (1) Director for one (1) year term.
  • To elect five (5) Directors for two (2) year terms.
  • If all Directors positions cannot be filled, then a Special Resolution to decrease the number of Directors from nine (9) to seven (7) of whom four (4) shall constitute a quorum and ensuring a 50% split over two (2) year terms.
  • New business.

All Members of the Dufferin Grey ATV Club Inc. are welcome.



Trail Closure – Walters Falls Tract (Spring 2020)

Walters Falls tract is closed until further notice

DGATV asks for your consideration

Please honour DGATV’s agreements and promises to protect landowners’ best interests. It is too wet to ride Walters Falls tract at this point without doing a lot of damage. Continuing to ride in the wet costs DGATV & OFATV money to repair the trails, which increases the cost of permits. Damaging the land also angers landowners, which loses trails. Please consider the future of ATVing in Ontario and stay out of Walters Falls tract for now.

Public trails are expected to open May 1st weather permitting.

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