Dufferin Grey ATV Club (DGATV) is associated with the Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs (OFATV).

The OFATV administers all the club memberships.  Click here to buy your annual membership or permit and be sure to specify DGATV if you want to be a member of our club.

When you buy your annual membership a permit sticker will be sent to you in the mail.  The permit sticker is to be affixed to the front left of the ATV, from the perspective of the operator sitting on the ATV. The recommended placement position is on the side of the front left fender.

The sticker should be displayed in a location easily viewed by oncoming authorities.  This allows an approaching Trail Warden, County Official, Police Officer or Ministry of Natural Resources Officer to view the pass, inspect the dates and get you on your way as quickly as possible. Having the pass in other locations or hidden means you will be stopped longer and susceptible to further inspection.

Permit position is front left fender.

Permit position is front left fender.

Photos courtesy of Rob L.