To buy an Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs (OFATV) permit you need proof of a plated and insured ATV or side-by-side. To ride on the roads, a minimum G2/M2 licence is required.  To ride on public trails such as the rail trail or private property such as the Walters Falls tract, a driver’s licence is not required, however, a training certificate is recommended.

OFATV Permit

When you buy an Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs (OFATV) permit you receive three (3) papers. The first is your OFATV sticker, punched with the expiration month and year, that you put on the front left of your machine. Second is the wallet card that has to be carried by the rider of the machine, which can be used by multiple people. Thus the sticker goes on the machine and the card goes with the rider. The third paper is the pink print, which is the buyer’s receipt.

Your OFATV permit is valid on all OFATV trails in Ontario.  Note some clubs have restrictions for side-by-sides. Your permit is also valid in Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

Replacement Card

Should you need a replacement card, take as much information as you can (sticker, wallet card, receipt where possible) to your permit seller.  The cost of a replacement permit is $12. The replacement pass only replaces the old pass so it’s the same time frame.

Provincial Permit

While every Ontario rider would love to have a provincial permit — one permit for all ATV trails — unfortunately it is not yet available.  Many issues need to be resolved before one permit can be enacted including but not limited to club structure (whether paid or volunteer staffing for instance), permit fee, landowner agreements, government relationships, etc.)  DGATV’s neighbouring clubs to the west have an Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance (EOTA) association.  Park to Park is also associated with EOTA.

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