Let’s Talk About The Money

Your Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs (OFATV) annual membership costs $150, which is $132.74 plus HST.

75% of your membership dollars are used to build and maintain trails.
25% of your membership dollars pays for administration — $15 million landowners liability insurance, government lobbying, safety programs, youth training, special projects and the operating expenses of the OFATV.

To see money spent on your favourite trails, join the local club and buy where you ride.

Buy an annual membership through Dufferin Grey ATV Club Inc. (DGATV) and:

$65 is retained by DGATV
$85 is forwarded to the OFATV with approximately $45 returned to DGATV as payment for maintaining each km of verified trail (currently around 350 kms off-road). This trail verification payment is a trail building incentive managed by the OFATV and varies for each club.

DGATV is run entirely by volunteers.  OFATV has one paid Administrator and is managed by Volunteers.  To learn more and have a voice in the future of recreational ATVing, get involved.  Many hands make light work!