Dufferin Grey ATV Club’s (DGATV) southern trail starts in Orangeville running 110km north to just beyond Chatsworth. The main backbone of the trail is the former CP rail line, known as the CP Trail, which travels through Dufferin County in the south and Grey County in the north.  There are many offshoot loops particularly in the north where trails have been longer established.

Orangeville Parking (2019)

The rail trail starts at County Road 16 just above Broadway. You will see signs saying DGATV/OFATV maintained trail.  It is unfortunate that DGATV does not have a parking area in Orangeville at this time.

Where Jim Brown Trucking (JBT) had provided us with the use of a corner of their property in the past, circumstances have changed and the property is no longer available.  Please respect our arrangement with the company because we appreciated their participation in the past and the future is as yet unwritten.  If you know of a land owner/property in the area that may be good for parking, please inform DGATV’s Executive.  We’d be happy to come to an arrangement.

A permit is required for all DGATV trails as a member associated with the Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs (OFATV). The rail line is limited to straddled ATVs; no side-by-sides at this time as per land owner (Dufferin County in the south, Grey County in the north) policies.

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