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Membership Permits (Annual)

If you enjoy riding in a particular area and want to meet people, being part of a club is the way to go.  Local riders will show you the best places to ride, and will organize social events for you to join throughout the regular season.  You will receive a copy of our map when you register, and copies of our newsletters and other member information.  You can also be satisfied in knowing that part of your membership fee is going toward making our trail system better.

An annual pass costs $150-year and is required to be a member of DGATV’s club.  The annual permit entitles you to ride Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs ( trails across Ontario for one complete year (365 days).  The pass takes effect immediately upon purchase so your anniversary date is one year out.  Some of the funds from the permits are remitted to the local club for trail maintenance so please buy where you ride.  Family pricing is available.  You can buy the permits online through the OFATV, by contacting one of DGATV’s Executive members directly, or locally at various suppliers.

Note that suppliers may not sell passes on Sundays or in the winter season.  It is advised that you contact the supplier to confirm availability in advance of your trip.

Click here to buy an annual membership for DGATV online.

Annual passes can be purchased locally at Larry’s Small Engines in Orangeville (; M.a.N’s in Primrose (; Snowmobiles Unlimited in Durham (;  Strictly Recreation in Shelburne  (; Blue Sky RV Resort near Shelburne (; Thomboys in Owen Sound (; Top of the Rock in Eugenia (; Hawthorn Cottages and Camping in Eugenia (; Dairy Daughter Gas Station in Markdale (103 Toronto St. S.) and the general store in Walters Falls.

OFATV has reciprocal riding agreements with New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

The reciprocal riding agreement with Eastern Ontario Trail Alliance was cancelled effective February 9, 2018. (OFATV news release)

Day Permits

Day passes ($20) and 3-Day passes ($50 – must be used on consecutive days) can be purchased at club events in addition to the following locations on an ongoing basis: Larry’s Small Engines in Orangeville (; M.a.N’s in Primrose (; Strictly Recreation in Shelburne  (; Dairy Daughter Gas Station in Markdale (103 Toronto St. S.) and the general store in Walters Falls.  As well as at the Key Motel in Chatsworth ( and Thomboys in Owen Sound (  These passes can only be used on DGATV’s trails during the summer ATV season.

3-Day passes ($50 – must be used on consecutive days) can be purchased at all the same locations as day passes, and are available for purchase online at as well.  Click here to buy a 3-day pass for DGATV’s trails.

Sunday Sales

For Sunday riding, permits can be purchased from the Dairy Daughter Gas Station in Markdale (103 Toronto St. S.).


Maps are available where you buy your permit.  Additionally, new maps will be sent to you as part of your membership package.  For DGATV’s online maps click here.


To ATV legally on public roads and trails in Ontario you must have:
– a valid driver’s licence
– proof of ATV ownership
– registration
– insurance
– helmet
– valid trail permit

You will be crossing roads and some rough terrain so there are risks inherent in the ride. You wouldn’t want something to happen that may affect the rest of your life and not be covered by insurance. Insurance can be obtained through your regular insurance provider.

Talk to Us

DGATV’s Board of Directors meet on the third Wednesday of every month excluding December.  The Dundalk Legion (Branch #285) is located at 109 Proton St. N. in Dundalk.  Members and prospective members are welcome.  Maps and permits are typically available for purchase at this meeting.  If you none of the above works for you, contact us and we can make other arrangements.

*  Note the words “pass”, “permit” and “membership” are used interchangeably for the most part with “membership” being used to refer to an annual commitment.

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