City of Owen Sound

In 2015, the City of Owen Sound was approached by Dufferin Grey ATV Club (DGATV) and South Bruce Peninsula ATV Club (SBPATV) to request access to the city for food, fuel and accommodation, and to create a road link between the two clubs.

In 2016, the city created a temporary by-law allowing all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and off-road vehicles (ORVs) on certain streets within the city. This makes it possible to cross through the city and ride to the Bruce Peninsula.

Copies of the map and by-law are available at

Note that the CP Rail Trail from Sunny Valley Road northward into Owen Sound is not currently open.  Part of the trail goes through the Niagara Escarpment and needs special permission, which is being requested.  Additionally, Grey County is developing a Recreational Trails Master Plan and will not consider approving the trail until after the report is made available in the autumn.

In the interim, Owen Sound, Georgian Bluffs and the Township of Chatsworth have by-laws in place detailing where ATVs are permitted on certain roads. Grey County has also passed a by-law that will permit use on certain County roads. These by-laws will allow an ATV rider to access the amenities within Owen Sound while the CP Rail Trail and other property requests are being considered.

Links to the by-laws:

If you would like to participate in Grey County’s Recreational Trails Master Plan process, please contact

News Stories:

June 15, 2016 – Owen Sound’s ATV bylaw gets green light




Dufferin Grey ATV Club’s (DGATV) southern trail starts in Orangeville running 110km north to just beyond Chatsworth. The main backbone of the trail is the former CP rail line, known as the CP Trail, which travels through Dufferin County in the south and Grey County in the north.  There are many offshoot loops particularly in the north where trails have been longer established.

Orangeville Parking

We are happy to announce that Jim Brown Trucking (JBT) has approved use of a corner of their property to load, unload and park vehicles.

Location: The western corner of the trucking lot at 18 Shannon Court. The area is adjacent to CP Trail and County Road 11. Between the concrete blocks and CP Trail. Please stay to this corner.

Please do NOT block trucking/truck parking areas. ATV riding is NOT permitted outside the designated unloading/parking area.

Advance notice and approval is required by DGATV and JBT for overnight parking.

See also:          PARKING          MAPS 


New Riders

Are You New to the Sport of ATVing?

Without a doubt, ATVing in Ontario is a confusing recreation.  Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act leaves it up to the municipalities to establish where and when an ATV can be operated.  In other words, each Township must pass a by-law before ATVs are allowed to use the roads. Melancthon Township, near Shelburne, has allowed ATVs access to the roads. As well, the Township of Chatsworth, Municipality of Grey Highlands, Township of Southgate and the Municipality of West Grey have ATV by-laws allowing some form of road access. However, to be absolutely sure, off-trail riders should check the by-laws of the area in which they are going to ride. With the internet these days, this research is fairly easily done. (See Other Links.)

Dufferin Grey ATV Club’s (DGATV) mandate is to bring safe recreational family-oriented ATV riding to the counties of Dufferin and Grey with a view to benefiting both riders and our local communities. DGATV promotes environmental awareness, protecting the natural resources that we all want to enjoy, and promotes tourism, providing our riders with places of interest to visit and our communities with the economic benefits that result. Our club is responsible for organizing social riding events, lobbying for ATV access within local municipalities, building and maintaining trails, and educating riders about safety, environmental consideration and trail etiquette.

DGATV is organized entirely by Volunteers and a Board of Directors that meet monthly.

For the most part DGATV marked trails are suitable for new riders. You can drive around the more difficult spots.  (MAPS  /  PARKING)

A few things to remember:

  • Ride with a friend just in case you get in to trouble
  • Let someone know where you are going
  • Wear a Department of Transportation (DOT) approved helmet and appropriate clothing
  • Know where you are and how to contact help — in rural areas you are not always in cell phone range

ATVing is an inherently risky venture.  You will be crossing roads and rough terrain so be careful. ATVs are not toys. Don’t ride with a passenger until you get a feel for the 2-up bike. Be safe and enjoy!

Oh, and if you want someone to ride with checkout DGATV’s facebook group. Simply search “Dufferin Grey ATV Club (Group)” in facebook and ask to join.

Click for more information on:          PARKING          MEMBERSHIP          MAPS          YOUNG RIDERS          EVENTS


DGATV’s Executive / Board of Directors

Established in 2006, a succession of keen riders have taken the helm of Dufferin Grey ATV Club Inc (DGATV) on the Board of Directors.  We thank each and every one, past and present, for their contribution to the successful operation of our club.

The Board of Directors are responsible for directing DGATV’s operations.  The Board sets the policies, priorities, strategy, and upcoming events for the season. The Board is responsible for dealing with the Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs (OFATV), all levels of government, the police, landowners, sponsors, communities and members.

DGATV’s Board of Directors meet at 7pm on the third Wednesday of every month excluding December.  The Dundalk Legion (Branch #285) is located at 109 Proton St. N. in Dundalk.  Other Volunteers, members and prospective members are welcome.

We have 9 Directors with two-year terms (4-5 split in alternate years).  If you are interested in becoming a Director you must be a member on record with DGATV for at least 3 months and stand at our annual general meeting (typically held in March).  The Directors vote for the President and Vice-President on an annual basis.

To find out more about our monthly meeting, keep an eye on our facebook page:



Warden Responsibilities

Do you like to ride?  Need an excuse to get out on the trails?  Becoming a Warden may fit the bill …

First, in mid-April, help us prepare DGATV’s trails for the season.  Get together with other Wardens and Trail Committee members to ride the trail and report/fix any problem areas.  Help clear brush, fix holes, post signage, create maps, ensure the safety of all riders.

Second, your duty would be to ride!  Represent DGATV and the Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs (OFATV) by being an obvious source of help, as well as a deterrent against breaking the rules.

Third, DGATV needs riders on the trail who are familiar with the area and who can be an effective agent for our club.  As a Warden you would be responsible for seeking out other riders to answer any questions, educate riders on the benefits of being a club member, carry and sell permits, report any problems with the trail, and file a report after each trip to assure our land-owners that their interests are our priority.

Fourth, we ask that you participate in our social events — mark a trail, lead a group, see to it that all riders have a safe and happy riding experience.

Finally, in November, help us close the trail in preparation for winter shutdown and the start of snowmobile season.

By becoming a Warden Volunteer you help make ATVing a viable recreational sport within Dufferin and Grey counties, and in Ontario as a whole.  We can’t do it without you!

Contact if you are interested in the half-day training session required to become a Warden.



Where Do We Park?

Parking/staging areas are found in the following locations:

Dundalk — along the side of the CP trail line at the corner of Grey and Proton Streets.  Look for marked parking at the rail trail near the Dundalk Legion at 109 Proton Street North.  There is also parking at the arena, however, this requires driving through town to get to the trail.  Dundalk is an ATV-friendly town but the residents request that bikes stay off the main street.

Markdale — (i) Sideroad 120 south of Markdale; (ii) County Road 12 west of Markdale; and (iii) Harkaway Forest on the Townline north of Markdale.  Additionally there is a tract of private land at Walters Falls.

Orangeville — adjacent to the CP Trail and County Road 11 in the western corner of Jim Brown Trucking lot at 18 Shannon Court.  Park between the concrete blocks and the CP Trail.  Please stay to this corner and do not block trucking/truck parking areas. ATV riding is NOT permitted outside the designated unloading/parking area.  Click here for more information.

Shelburne — just off Highway 89 west of Shelburne behind the Wayne Byrd Card Gas.