Trail Closure (2016) – ATV Season

snow-001Our Season

In general ATV season on the public trails starts around May 1st (weather-permitting) and goes to November 30th or until snow cover.
However, dates depend on where you ride.
Harkaway Forest is closed to ATVs on October 15th (until June 15th).
Grey County roads close to ATVs on November 10th.
All other public trails stay open to ATVs until November 30th or snow cover, whichever comes first.
On the private trails at Walters Falls, ATVs can be used year-round.  It is recommended that appropriate safety precautions be taken in this remote location, especially in the winter.  Tracks are recommended in winter.  Ride with a companion and let people know where you are going.  Cell phone service may not always be available.
Please keep an eye on our social media for confirmation of this seasonal schedule.

Side-by-Sides & 2-Ups

Since July 1st, 2015 side-by-sides and 2-ups* are legally allowed on the roads in Ontario, but each municipality must amend their by-laws to allow the vehicles locally. To that end, OFATV clubs approached each of the regional counties and townships asking to amend the by-laws so that side-by-sides and 2-ups can be welcomed on local trails.

2-ups were an easy sell. Today 2-ups are allowed on all of DGATV’s trails, however, the larger side-by-sides are another matter.

Side-by-sides are not allowed on county-owned properties, the CP rail trail or the forest properties, including Harkaway Forest, without special permission.

DGATV continues to petition the counties hoping to approve and widen the rail trail gates (maximum vehicle width 65”) to accommodate these larger machines. Progress is being made so keep an eye on our social media for special events that welcome side-by-sides.

Side-by-sides are allowed on most municipal roads and the majority of county roads, as well as private property. DGATV has a private property in Walters Falls where members can ride although some of the trails are challenging.

Dufferin County

In Dufferin County, side-by-sides are not allowed on the rail trail, in the forests or on the roads. However, Amaranth, East Luther and Melancthon municipal roadways are open.

Grey County

In Grey County, side-by-sides are not allowed on the rail trail or in the county forests pending their overall forest trail strategy.  All municipal roads and the majority of county roads are open for the season.  A map of open Grey County roads (.pdf) is available at

What Can You Do?

Let the counties know that you would visit, or would visit our area again, if side-by-sides are welcome on the trail. For Dufferin County e-mail with your comments. For Grey County e-mail


*  Single-rider bikes with an added-on passenger seat are not considered 2-ups and are not legal to ride on the roads with a passenger.


Trail Closure – Harkaway Forest

trail-closed-002Harkaway Forest Trail Closed for the Winter

Grey County has closed Harkaway Forest to ATVs effective October 15, 2016.

Riders, please respect our landowner agreement and keep your ATV out of the forest.

Your participation is crucial in keeping this tract available to us.

Harkaway Forest is expected to re-open June 15th (in order to accommodate the turkey hunt).


Autumn Flash Ride (October 15, 2016)


Come Ride With Us!

Be ready to ride at the Markdale CP Rail Trail parking lot (County Road 12 west of Markdale) at 10am (registration 9am).  This is a flash ride thrown together by our keen riders to enjoy the trails simply and without much ado. No promises, no formality, just riding.
Trail Route: A mix of public and private properties including the rail trail and some road running.
Participants: This ride is open to OFATV/EOTA members and non-members. A day pass for non-members cost $20. Memberships ($150) and day passes will be available for purchase.
Two-up riding is allowed and side-by-sides have limited range.
For young operators, aged 12 to 16, the ATV should be sized appropriately for the child’s weight. The child must be accompanied by an adult on the trail. Legally, the child cannot ride on the road without a valid Ontario driver’s licence (G2/M2). DGATV does not condone young operators riding on the roads without a licence.
Other: As with any ride, it is advisable to dress appropriately and have extra fuel, drinking water, snack, rain gear, bug spray, basic repair tools, bandaids, compass, map and cell phone on hand. Note that there may not be cell service in the area.