DGATV May 26th Ride (2018)

Join us for this fun first club ride of the season!

9:00am Registration / 10:00am Ride

Staging from DGATV’s Dundalk parking area (located off Grey St. on the west side of Dundalk. The field is alongside the C.P Trail at the corner of Grey and Proton Streets; between Dundalk St. and Proton St.), we will be checking out the newly marked side-by-side by-pass trail as well as some favourite sites. We’ll ride an easy mix of public and private properties including road running.

Members and non-members; ATV and side-by-side riders are welcome.

Bring your lunch and some cash. As with any ride, it is advised to dress appropriately and have extra fuel, drinking water, snack, drinks, rain gear, bug spray, basic repair tools, bandaids, compass, map and cell phone on hand. Note that there may not be cell service in the area. (New Riders)

Annual permits ($150) and day passes ($20) will be available for purchase. (Membership Info)

Also DGATV/ Firefighter raffle tickets ($5 each) and 50/50 tickets will be for sale.

Ride participants will be asked to make a donation to charity. Proceeds will be directed to Dundalk Public School’s Breakfast Club, helping to ensure that students start their day with a healthy breakfast. Last year proceeds from this ride resulted in $620 going to the Beavercrest Community School.

Come Ride With Us!

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Side-By-Side By-Pass Trail (2018)

Introducing DGATV’s Side-By-Side Bypass Trail

Dufferin Grey ATV Club (DGATV) welcomes side-by-sides riders as members and on the trail.

To-date, our local counties have not authorized side-by-sides on county properties.  Grey County is undertaking a Recreational Trails Master Plan to help manage the trails and plan for the future — the report is due any day now.  The rail trail and county forests will be addressed in that plan.

Whether or not Grey County allows side-by-sides on the trail (or ATVs for that matter), it is expected that Dufferin County will follow suit.

In the meantime, DGATV’s volunteers have marked a by-pass trail so that side-by-sides can travel without going on the rail trail.  The by-pass signs have a blue streak across either the top or bottom as shown:

Parking is available in Dundalk and Markdale.

So now it’s official — Side-by-side Riders, Come Ride With Us!

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OFATV Trail Permit (2018)


To buy an Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs (OFATV) permit you need proof of a plated and insured ATV or side-by-side. To ride on the roads, a minimum G2/M2 licence is required.  To ride on public trails such as the rail trail or private property such as the Walters Falls tract, a driver’s licence is not required, however, a training certificate is recommended.

OFATV Permit

When you buy an Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs (OFATV) permit you receive three (3) papers. The first is your OFATV sticker, punched with the expiration month and year, that you put on the front left of your machine. Second is the wallet card that has to be carried by the rider of the machine, which can be used by multiple people. Thus the sticker goes on the machine and the card goes with the rider. The third paper is the pink print, which is the buyer’s receipt.

Your OFATV permit is valid on all OFATV trails in Ontario.  Note some clubs have restrictions for side-by-sides. Your permit is also valid in Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

Replacement Card

Should you need a replacement card, take as much information as you can (sticker, wallet card, receipt where possible) to your permit seller.  The cost of a replacement permit is $12. The replacement pass only replaces the old pass so it’s the same time frame.

Provincial Permit

While every Ontario rider would love to have a provincial permit — one permit for all ATV trails — unfortunately it is not yet available.  Many issues need to be resolved before one permit can be enacted including but not limited to club structure (whether paid or volunteer staffing for instance), permit fee, landowner agreements, government relationships, etc.)  DGATV’s neighbouring clubs to the west have an Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance (EOTA) association.  Park to Park is also associated with EOTA.

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Trail Opening (2018) — Limited Trails Available

DGATV’s season start was delayed to late snowfall and a wet spring. Now part way into May, DGATV has limited trails available.

Please note that:

  • Harkaway Forest is closed until June 22nd as per our agreement with the landowner.
  • Walters Falls Tract is closed until further notice.
  • Sideroad 10B is closed until further notice.

No side-by-sides (SxS) are permitted on the C.P. Rail Trail.  Temporary by-pass connectors are almost complete. These by-pass trails will allow SxS access to the main trails while avoiding the C.P. Rail Trail. These temporary routes will allow park and ride to main trails from Dundalk and Markdale via SxS.  Stay tuned — target date for completion is May 14, 2018.  UPDATE:  SxS By-Pass Trail Completed

No Parking at Jim Brown Trucking near Orangeville — use of the parking lot is closed indefinitely.  (Thanks to Jim Brown for past participation in our trail system.  It was most appreciated.)  There is currently no official parking in Orangeville so if you have any contacts who may be interested, please let us know.

The COATV connector is complete.  Many other road connections to other clubs are incomplete and are still being signed.  Your patience is appreciated.

A new map is in the works but will not be available for some time.

Please exercise caution when on the trails.  There is tree damage everywhere due to a recent windstorm. If you notice a tree or obstacle on the trail, please report it on the DGATV (group) facebook page or contact us.

All DGATV Trails require an Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs (OFATV) trail permit.  Eastern Ontario Trail Alliance (EOTA) passes will be honored for the 2018 summer season only.

Anyone without a Trail Pass is trespassing and when caught, will be charged accordingly.


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Season 2018 Opening Delayed

Please note that the opening date for DGATV’s trail system was scheduled for May 1st but is now delayed due to the wet, soft, snow covered conditions.  Riding the trail under such conditions results in expensive damage, which DGATV is expected to correct.  Additionally, landowners do not like to see damage and may withdraw permission if provoked.

All DGATV off-road trails are closed.

County and municipal roads are open.

Harkaway Forest is closed and scheduled to open on June 22, 2018.

Please stay off the trails during this critical time.

UPDATE (4-May-2018):  DGATV’s trails will stay closed for another week due to extremely wet conditions. Snow melt and heavy rain combined with tree damage from today’s wind storm keep the trails off-limits.  DGATV’s Executive are expecting considerable clean-up to be required for the whole system.  Stay tuned for work day Volunteer opportunities to help get the trails opened …

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