The Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs (OFATV) is a not for profit organization that strives to establish and organize safe recreational ATVing in Ontario.  The goal of the OFATV is a province-wide ATV trail system similiar to the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC).

The OFATV consists of a group of ATV clubs in Ontario and is managed by volunteers with the goal of providing safe, legal and sustainable trails across the province. OFATV staff and volunteers are constantly working with the provincial government and municipalities to champion the rights of ATV riders. The organization endeavours to help the general public understand that riding members are environmentally conscious outdoor enthusiasts who respect other outdoor sports.

Dufferin Grey ATV Club is a member of the OFATV along with these neighbouring clubs:

fb-002-teeny Central Ontario ATV Club / www.coatv.ca

fb-002-teeny West Grey ATV Club / www.westgreyatvclub.ca

See www.ofatv.org for a complete list of OFATV clubs.

To ride the below-noted neighbouring clubs’ trails requires a separate purchase of another organization’s permit:

Huron Shores ATV Club / www.huronshoresatvclub.org (need an EOTA pass)

fb-002-teeny South Bruce Peninsula ATV Club / www.sbpatvclub.com (need an EOTA pass)

ATV trails in Ontario consist of private and public properties and roads.  Most of the routes have special agreements with the landowner/custodian(s).  You must be an OFATV club member to ride OFATV trails, otherwise you are trespassing.  Please click here to learn more about becoming an OFATV/DGATV member rider.  Joining an OFATV club gives you the opportunity to shape the future of ATVing in Ontario.

Join a club, get involved & go riding!

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Trail Closure – Walters Falls Tract (Spring 2018)

Walters Falls tract is closed until further notice

DGATV asks for your consideration

Please honour DGATV’s agreements and promises to protect landowners’ best interests. It is too wet to ride Walters Falls tract at this point without doing a lot of damage. Continuing to ride in the wet costs DGATV & OFATV money to repair the trails, which increases the cost of permits. Damaging the land also angers landowners, which loses trails. Please consider the future of ATVing in Ontario and stay out of Walters Falls tract for now.

Public trails are expected to open May 1st weather permitting.

ATV Season

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Upcoming Season (2018)

We’re looking forward to a May 1st season start (weather permitting) although we currently have a bit of snow.  Hopefully the trail won’t be too wet and we can open the trails on schedule.  Keep an eye on our social media for updates.

Warden training is scheduled for May 5th for those who regularly ride DGATV’s trails and enjoy meeting people.

For the season’s full calendar of events, be sure to checkout our facebook page:

fb-002-teeny Dufferin Grey ATV Club 

Checkout neighbouring clubs as well:

fb-002-teeny Central Ontario ATV Club / www.coatv.ca

Huron Shores ATV Club / www.huronshoresatvclub.org (need an EOTA pass)

fb-002-teeny South Bruce Peninsula ATV Club / www.sbpatvclub.com (need an EOTA pass)

fb-002-teeny West Grey ATV Club / www.westgreyatvclub.ca

Let’s have a terrific riding season!

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Upcoming Events (2018)

The following list of Dufferin Grey ATV Club (DGATV) events is subject to change.  Please stay tuned to social media (dgatv.ca, facebook, twitter, google calendar) closer to the event date for confirmation.

• Season Opening Preparation – every weekend in April
• Work Party – signs prep (April 8, 2018 @ 10am) – Tim’s House
• CP Rail Line (April 15, 2018) – trail open to Wardens for maintenance
• Grey Highlands Home & Cottage Show, Flesherton (April 21, 2018) – Ruth Ann & Jamie
• Trail Maintenance from Dundalk (April 21, 2018)
• Trail Maintenance from Markdale (April 28, 2018)
• DGATV’s Public Trails Open (May 1st, 2018) – weather permitting
• Warden Training, Markdale Ag Centre (May 5, 2018)
• Trail Maintenance on rail line (May 6, 2018)
• DGATV Fun Ride for Dundalk school’s breakfast club (May 26, 2018)
• OFATV AGM (June 1-3, 2018) – Wasaga Beach
• Harkaway Forest Opens (June 22, 2018)
• Canada Day Ride (July 1, 2018)
• DGATV Fundraiser Ride (Sept. 8, 2018) – funds for Grey Highlands Firefighters’ UTV
• DGATV Fun Ride (Oct. 13, 2018) – proceeds to Shelburne Food Bank
• Toronto Int’l Snowmobile, ATV & Powersports Show (Oct. 19-21, 2018)
• DGATV Fun & Final Ride (Nov. 4, 2018) – weather dependent
• Grey County roads closed to ATVing (Nov. 15, 2018)
• DGATV Appreciation Dinner (Nov. 17, 2018) – Walters Falls
• Markdale Xmas Parade (Nov. 24, 2018 1pm)
• Grand Valley Xmas Parade (Nov. 24, 2018 7pm)
• Public Trails Close (Nov. 30, 2018 or first snowfall)
• Dundalk Xmas Parade (Dec. 1, 2018 6pm)
• Feversham Xmas Parade (Dec. 1, 2018)
• DGATV Executive Meeting (March 24, 2019) @ 11am-1pm
• DGATV Annual General Meeting (March 24, 2019) @ 1pm-3pm

If you see an event that catches your fancy, do not hesitate to Volunteer to ensure the event goes off without a hitch!

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Warden Training (Spring 2018)

Warden training is planned for Saturday, May 5, 2018. The session starts at 10am and runs until lunch time. Afterwards, a ride and field training so feel free to bring your bike.

Location: Markdale Agricultural Services Centre, 206 Toronto Street, Markdale, ON (back of building)

Registration: Contact Dan Liedtke, Chief Warden, at 519.266.3559 (extension 5) or warden@dgatv.ca

Becoming a Warden is a great way to Volunteer. You can help monitor the trails, answer visiting riders’ questions and represent DGATV on the trail. It’s also a great excuse to meet fellow riding enthusiasts and to get out for a ride!

Click here to learn more about what a becoming a Warden does for our club.

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