Here is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and links to topics of interest:

Q: Where are local Accommodations?  A: Answer

Q: How long is ATV Season?  A: Answer

Q: Do you have an events calendar or google calendar?  A: Answer

Q: What Events have you planned?  A: Answer

Q: Tell me about Grey County’s Harkaway Forest?  A: Answer

Q: Should I worry about Invasive Species?  A: Answer

Q: Tell me about Grey County’s Kimberley Forest?  A: Answer

Land Owners

Q: What is the benefit of being allowing ATVs to cross my land?  A: [work in progress]


Q: Where can I get a map?  A: Answer


Q:  What is the difference between a “membership”, “permit” and “pass”?

A: The terms “membership”, “permit” and “pass” are often used interchangeably.  “Membership” typically refers to annual permission to ride on the trails, which also gives you membership in a club of your choice.

Q: How is my Membership Fee used?  A:  Answer

Q: When does my Membership expire?  A: Your Membership expires one year (365 days) after the day you purchased it.

Q: Is there an early bird discount for renewal?  A:  Answer

Q: Where can I buy a trail pass?  A day pass?  A:  Answer

Q: What are the Benefits of Becoming a Club Member?  A:  Answer

Q: What is a Family Pass (links to page)?  A: Answer

Q: Can I ride in other provinces with an OFATV annual membership?  A: Answer

Q: Where can I get trail Maps?  A: Answer

Trail Permits – New Bike / Replacement Sticker

Q: I’m getting a new atv.  I started removing the sticker to move it but it will be voided.  How do I go about replacing the sticker on my new machine?

A: You can pull the sticker from your old ATV. Yes, the voids show but don’t worry. Take what’s left of your old permit, your wallet card and the pink copy of your receipt to a vendor. The new replacement pass is $7.00. The replacement pass only replaces the old pass so it’s the same time frame.

Q: Does the trail permit go with the bike or the rider?  A: The trail permit goes with the bike.  If you have 3 bikes, then you need 3 trail permits.  Carrying the permit in your pocket or wearing a laminate around your neck does not constitute permission for the bike to be on the trail.

Q: Are motorcycles or dirt bikes allowed on the trail?  A: Answer

Q: What advice do you have for a New Rider?  A: Answer

Q: Can I start in Orangeville?  A: Answer

Q: Can I visit Owen Sound?  A: Answer

Q: Where is the Parking?  A:  Answer

Q: What are the local Restaurants?  A: Answer

Q: Any ATV Safety advice?  A: Answer

Q: What about Side-by-sides?  A:  Answer

Q: Who are DGATV’s Sponsors?

Trail Pass 

Q: Where should my trail pass be placed on my ATV or side-by-side?

A: The trail pass should be displayed in a location easily viewed by oncoming authorities. The best place for your trail pass decal to be located is to the front and left of your machine – for example the forward portion of left front fender, upper light pod, places where a rack bag or load will not hide the pass. This allows an approaching Trail Warden, County Official, Police Officer or Ministry of Natural Resources Officer to view the pass, inspect the dates and get you on your way as quickly as possible. Having the pass in other locations or hidden means you will be stopped longer and susceptible to further inspection.

Q: How do I Volunteer?  A:  Answer

Q: Tell me about Walters Falls?  A: Answer

Q: What does a Warden do?  A: Answer

Q: What do I wear? (New Riders)  A: Answer

Q: What about Young Riders?  A: Answer

Q: Tell me more About DGATV.  A: Answer