Here is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and links to topics of interest:


Where are local Accommodations?

How long is ATV Season?

What are the Benefits of becoming a club member?

Tell me about Dufferin County’s Harkaway Forest?

Should I worry about Invasive Species?

Tell me about Dufferin County’s Kimberley Forest?

Where can I get trail Maps?

How is my Membership Fee used?

New Bike / Replacement Sticker

Q: I’m getting a new atv.  I started removing the sticker to move it but it will be voided.  How do I go about replacing the sticker on my new machine?

A: You can pull the sticker from your old ATV. Yes, the voids show but don’t worry. Take what’s left of your old permit, your wallet card and the pink copy of your receipt to a vendor. The new replacement pass is $7.00. The replacement pass only replaces the old pass so it’s the same time frame.

What advice do you have for a New Rider?

Can I start in Orangeville?

Can I visit Owen Sound?

Where is the Parking?

What are the local Restaurants?

Any ATV Safety advice?

What about Side-by-sides?

Who are DGATV’s Sponsors?

How do I Volunteer?

Tell me about Walters Falls?

What are Warden Responsibilities?

What do I wear? (New Riders)

What about Young Riders?