Where Do We Park?

Parking/staging areas are found in the following locations:

Dundalk — along the side of the CP trail line at the corner of Grey and Proton Streets.  Look for marked parking at the rail trail near the Dundalk Legion at 109 Proton Street North.  There is also parking at the arena, however, this requires driving through town to get to the trail.  Dundalk is an ATV-friendly town but the residents request that bikes stay off the main street.

Markdale — (i) Sideroad 120 south of Markdale; (ii) CP Trail Parking Lot, 205 Main St. West / County Road 12 west of Markdale; and (iii) Harkaway Forest on the Townline north of Markdale.  Additionally there is a tract of private land at Walters Falls.

Orangeville — currently there is no official parking in Orangeville. Where Jim Brown Trucking (JBT) had provided us with use of their lot, circumstances have changed and the property is no longer available.  Please respect our arrangement with the company because we appreciated their participation in the past and the future is as yet unwritten. If you are familiar with another suitable property and/or a land owner that might be willing to host a parking/staging area, contact DGATV’s Executive.  Shelburne is the closest parking area.

Shelburne — south off Highway 89 west of Shelburne behind Bird Fuels card lock, west of the rail trail (John St.)

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Harkaway Forest

Harkaway Forest is east of the Robson Road trail and is owned by Grey County.

A nature trail through hardwoods and evergreens, this 2 km multi-use trail is used by hikers, horseback riders; ATVs in the summer, and snowmobiles in the winter.

Harkaway Forest is open to hunters at certain times of the year.

For ATVs, Harkaway Forest trail is open from June 22nd (to accommodate the wild turkey hunt) to October 15th (or snow, whatever comes first).

Parking is located off the Townline just north of Markdale.


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