Walters Falls Tract is a 300-acre rural private property near Markdale kindly made available to us by the landowner.  It is available for riding throughout the year.

Walters Falls Tract is ideal for off-road and family riding.

There is winter riding at the Walters Falls Tract. It is recommended that your vehicle be equipped with tracks in the snow. Trails are not groomed.

DGATV maintains parking, picnic tables and portable toilet facilities at the site.

When you visit the property it is advisable to dress appropriately and have extra fuel, drinking water, snack, rain gear, bug spray, basic repair tools, band-aids, compass, map and cell phone on hand.  Note that there may not be cell service in the area.

Please be diligent in keeping the land clear of garbage, pack out what you take in, respect other riders, watch your noise level and be considerate of local residents. The landowner gets nothing in return for our use of the land and can withdraw permission at any time. Remember that the way you ride reflects on us all.


Follow Highway 10 north to the town line north of Markdale.  Turn east on the town line and follow the road to the parking lot just past County Road 40 West. The entrance to the parking lot on the town line is just before County Road 40 East.

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We thank our Volunteers, our Landowners, our Sponsors and our Members.