Young ATV Riders & Passengers

The Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs (OFATV) and Dufferin Grey ATV Club (DGATV) encourage young operators, aged 12 to 16, to take the Youth Rider Safety Training Program.

Our aim is to reduce risk by teaching young riders the safe operation of ATVs, consideration for other trail users and residents, Ontario laws and regulations, plus helping to protect the environment we all want to enjoy.

Educating young riders is for their own safety as well as for the safety of other riders and bystanders.

Legally, a rider must have an Ontario driver’s licence (G2/M2) to ride on Ontario roads. Otherwise, riding on private property is allowed.  Our Walters Falls property is ideal for family riding.

OFATV and DGATV do not condone children younger than 12 years of age riding on ATVs. There has been an tragic series of accidents to support our stance.

ATVing is an inherently risky off-road activity that occurs in an unpredictable natural environment. ATVs are heavy and children typically do not have the physical strength, experience, judgement or motor skills to be responsible riders.

A young operator, aged 12 to 16, should have an ATV sized appropriately for the young rider’s weight, wear the appropriate safety gear and be accompanied by an adult on the trail.

Helmets are mandatory.


Under the new law (passed July 1, 2015) a young passenger on a factory built two-up must wear proper fitting DOT-certified helmet and appropriate safety equipment.

The law states that the youth must be able to reach hand and foot rests.

Note that single-rider bikes with an added-on passenger seat are not legal to ride with a passenger.

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Introduction to DGATV

Introduction to DGATV

Dufferin Grey ATV Club Inc. (DGATV) was incorporated as a not-for-profit club in December 2006.  DGATV is a group of volunteers dedicated to bringing safe recreational family-oriented riding to the counties of Dufferin and Grey in Ontario, Canada.  We would like to see ATV riding welcomed within our Townships for its recreational and economic benefits, and are working within Dufferin and Grey counties to achieve our goal.

We are associated with the Ontario Federation of ATV Clubs Inc. (OFATV).  The OFATV is an Ontario-wide body dedicated to encouraging ATV use in Ontario.  Club membership and permit fees support the development of a safe ATV trail network, the promotion of safe practices and the protection of the environment.  The OFATV holds $15 million liability insurance on behalf of the land-owners that allow OFATV trails to cross their land.