Tourism – Canadians Spend $6.9 Billion in 2015 on ATVs/ROVs


The Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council (COHV), formerly the Canadian All-Terrain Vehicle Distributors Council (CATV), founded in 1984, is a national, nonprofit, trade association representing the responsible interests of the major ATV, off-highway motorcycle and recreational off-highway vehicle (ROV) manufacturers, distributors and retail outlets of OHV related products and services. The member companies of the COHV account for over 90 percent of all the new OHVs sold in Canada.

The COHV sponsored an independent study of the impact of ATVs and ROVs on the Canadian economy.  They found that Canadians spent $6.9 billion on direct activities involving ATVs and ROVs in 2015.

That’s a lot of money.  That kind of money gives ATVing and ROVing credibility when it comes to establishing trails for tourism.  Talk to your local government representatives, ask for better ATV/Side-by-side trails, and make sure they see this article.


Trail Closure – ATV Season

snow-001Our Season

In general ATV season on the public trails starts around May 1st (weather-permitting) and goes to November 30th or until snow cover.
However, dates depend on where you ride.
Harkaway Forest is closed to ATVs on October 15th.
Grey County roads close to ATVs on November 10th.
All other public trails stay open to ATVs until November 30th or snow cover, whichever comes first.
On the private trails at Walters Falls, ATVs can be used year-round.  It is recommended that appropriate safety precautions be taken in this remote location, especially in the winter.  Tracks are recommended in winter.  Ride with a companion and let people know where you are going.  Cell phone service may not always be available.
Please keep an eye on our social media for confirmation of this seasonal schedule.

Trail Users – Mountain Biking

Mountain bikers, Greg and Rich, were kind enough to send us pictures and comments about our trails:

“We enjoyed riding the Orangeville-Owen Sound rail trail immensely and very much appreciate all the work you folks do to maintain it … We found the trail conditions to be excellent for mountain biking. In general, hard-packed gravel is perfect but of course, where the trail is freshly groomed the softer gravel or sand makes it tougher going. The Orangeville-Shelburne segment was mostly hard-packed I would say. The trail got a bit softer in sections north of Dundalk. In the vicinity of Holland Centre there were work crews actively grooming the trail. For a few kilometers the trail was being graded by an operator and then for several more kilometers north of that was freshly laid crushed limestone and another crew were working on spreading and packing it. From that point north to Owen Sound it was all crushed limestone and the trail was in excellent condition.”  Rich M.

“My friend Rich and I had an awesome mountain bike ride From Caledon to Owen Sound on Monday and returning on Tuesday, for a total of 300k. The best part was the 100k of Dufferin and Grey County rail trails. Thanks for having them so well maintained.”  Greg A-B.

While Dufferin Grey ATV Club membership is for riders of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs, 2-Ups, Side-by-sides), we do consider ourselves a custodian of the trails for other users as well.

In the summer the public trails are shared by walkers, hikers, runners, mountain bikers, and horseback riders. ATVs are permitted on the trails throughout the ATV season. Motorcycles are not permitted.

In the winter snowmobiles use much of the same trail (although not identical as they are subject to different landowner agreements). Walkers and cross-country skiers also enjoy the groomed trails.

Dufferin Grey ATV Club spends a significant sum of money from user fees and fundraising on trail maintenance every year. Funds and Volunteer hours go towards grass mowing; tree trimming; brush and trash cleanup; gravel for filling holes, smoothing slopes and preventing erosion; dust suppression; safety; signage; gate installation and maintenance; bridge building and maintenance.

When the trails are tended for ATV/snowmobile use, all users benefit.